Maldives Islands

For today’s Sky Watch I bring you the Maldivian sunsets with silhouettes. Being on a beach at sunset is a beautiful experience, in Maldives doubly so. You can gaze into the golden water or watch the waves at play. On the day I clicked pictures, there was a gentle breeze as well. The heat had substantially subsided. Whatever the sun touched it turned golden. The sky was putting up a show! Some of the sky was reflected in the water too! I had long ago discarded my footwear. The sand felt nice beneath my feet. I had let my hair down, allowing the breeze play with it. The coconut trees were gently swaying.However, the sun was the star of the ceremony, all eyes on the beach were glued to it. There was a tussle going on between the sun and the clouds. The sun wanted to retire for the day in all its glory, the clouds were determined to be a part of the play too..