Maldives Travel Holidays is a philosophy as much as a company, offering wonderfully unique experiences beyond the conventional. Founded and run by people having high experience and vast knowledge willing to share with others Maldives Travel Holidays has been one of the top notch travel service providers for Maldives during the past 20 years. By regular visits to the resorts and other service areas the company is able to maintain a very good relationship and evaluate the facilities provided for the customer.

With direct offices in both Maldives, India and the Middle East the company is able to provide the customer with the best support during the course of the holiday for any last minute need too. The relationships and partnerships extending from the Far East, Russia and across Europe prove the phenomenal growth that has been designed by perceptive and transparent corporate policies along with effective teamwork. MTH offers business and leisure travel services and products to companies of all sizes and individuals. Operating under various international brands while catering to special interest holidays, MTH pioneers the leisure travel trade with services offered from the most remote islands to the buzzing capitals of the world.

maldives travel holidays advantage

Value for Money - ITHW believes in delivering the best value for money to its customers. The support team of highly experienced, dedicated, multilingual professional always put their best efforts to meet the requirement and interests of every singular traveler ensuring comfort, convenience and security.

Assurance of authenticity - Certifications along with international and national recognitions add to the authenticity of the company.

Quality and Reliability - The delivery of unrivaled standards of quality and reliability bring in referrals and repeat customers in each operational area.

Qualified and experienced travel experts - The qualified and highly experienced team comes with vast knowledge of destinations, services, routes and travel information.


responsiveness & agility

MTH prides itself on being highly responsive in operations to foresee that all services are rendered without fail. Taking a very pragmatic approach and once engaged the customer service departments are highly flexible ensuring that unforeseen changes are quickly absorbed.

important points to consider before you Book online


  • Select the ideal package suited to your requirement
  • Book with the best and lowest pricing available
  • Ensure all taxes are included
  • Check for GST, bed tax and service charges


Business, leisure & technical

The key strength is that operations are carried out comfortably in business, leisure and technical domains, drawing on extensive subject matter expertise. We provide consultancy and services that address real business needs and fully meet client expectations. All services are sold and confirmed online, on phone and on direct metting with the customer.


MTH has a culture of excellence and quality by training and developing the most talented personnel in the trade who operate to the highest levels of business integrity and are genuinely passionate about doing a good job for the client. The returning customer is another area that is different with MTH from the rest of the industry.